Equine Therapy

Alzheimer's patients enjoying Equine therapy on Long Island

Our program is focused on people spending time “in the moment” with the horses, in a beautiful, natural setting.  Participants are guided through gentle interactions, such as feeding and grooming. These activities promote connection to the accepting, friendly equine spirits.  Horses are highly intuitive creatures, receptive to both verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Many of the horses at Marlokai Rescue in Calverton are rescue animals. Both full-sized and miniature horses are featured in the program. Equine Therapy is suitable for people with early to moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease, who have a reasonable degree of mobility.

ADRC’s Equine Therapy Program runs one outing per month. Casual dress, “outdoor” shoes, and a change of clothing are recommended, as some activities take place in the farm’s stables. 

There is no fee for participating in ADRC’s Equine Therapy Program for the individual with Alzheimer’s disease and their primary caregiver.  

Reservations for all participants are required one week prior to the session date.

Please contact Carol Hartmann at 631-580-5100 ext. 305 for more information or to sign up.