Music Therapy

Music Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients

Music is a language all its own.  It unlocks emotion, unleashes joy and enhances wellbeing.  Often, an appreciation and connection to music is of great value to people with Alzheimer’s, as they lose communication capacity.  ADRC’s interactive Music Therapy Program enables people with Alzheimer’s, and their caregivers, to revel in music’s restorative power.  A professional  musical therapist leads each group through a medley of familiar melodies,  and participants are invited to sing, dance and play along with hand-held percussion instruments.  

ADRC’s Music Therapy Program is ideally suited for individuals with early to moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease or a related cognitive disorder.  Each session runs for one hour at our headquarters.

ADRC also offers an I-Pod lending program sponsored by The Pilot Club of Sayville.

There is no fee for participating in ADRC’s Music Programs however reservations are necessary. Please contact Robin Marks, Executive Director at 631.820.8068 for more information

Check back for 2021 ADRC Music Therapy Program Dates  
  • January 10, 24
  • February 14, 28,
  • March 14, 28
  • April 11, 25
  • May 9, 23
  • December 5, 19
  • June 13, 27
  • July 11, 25
  • September 12, 26
  • October 10, 24
  • November 7, 21